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Read on for more background and information on our animals.



Dolly is the leader of the pack. She has a habit of packing food in her cheeks like a chipmunk that the vet swears is just an odd habit. Known for her big lower lip that she hangs out when she's relaxed. 



Romeo is Peachy's half-brother. He also goes by "Romy". Was given his name because he would give kisses when he was a baby. Romeo is a very sweet horse who likes scratches and will usually come up to demand them. Picky eater and usually will spit out any and all treats.

IMG_0069 (1)_edited.jpg


Skye is better known by her nickname "Peach/Peaches/Peachy". We believe she is actually a golden retriever trapped in the body of a horse based on her goofy personality. Loves water, to the point she will spray people with the hose when they are filling water buckets. Is also known as one of the top three "nuisances" (lovingly) on the farm because she is extremely curious and always into things. Romeo's half-sister.



Ozzy is a chunky boy who has a mind for trouble. He is known to get out of the fence and actively tests it to see if he can get out. 

ozzzy 2.JPG


Nashville is on stall rest for the 2023 season due to health issues. He is very sensitive to dietary changes. Nashville is known for his good temperament and his love for treats. Wish him well in his recovery!



Lady is a rescue horse. She came to our farm last year emaciated and we have been working on rehabilitating her since. This was slightly set back by a leg injury this summer. We do not know much about her past other than she was pulled off a transport trailer on it's way to Mexico somewhere in Oklahoma by the rescue we got her from. Lady is known for her signature nickering when it's time for grain and her love for treats.



Pali is the adoptive mother on the farm. She and the younger horses tend to stay together and they view her as a mother-figure. We do not know a ton about Pali's past other than she once went by "Marilyn Monroe", though we've never gotten a solid response from calling her that. She is very mild mannered, and loves dressing up - whether it be her fly boots, fly mask, or winter blankets.



Meet Zena, our queen bee and second in command. She has a very dominant personality and is a leader in the herd, just behind Dolly. She likes her owner Aidan, being combed out/pampered, and treats. Zena was a 4H show horse before we got her. She is affectionately known as "the red dragon" on the farm when she's feeling spicy.- which is always at dinner time.



Morty is Squiddy/Ireland's half-brother. He tends to favor women more than men. He and Dave "fight" all the time - much like brothers would do. Likes bossing around Dave and Romeo, spends a lot of time with Pali. Special ability: can open a metal gate with his head.



Ireland is Morty's half-sister. She loves pampering, booty scratches, and tends to stay with her brother or her friend/mother-figure, Pali. She also goes by Squiddy or Squidward. Her nickname was given to her in jest as she was going through an awkward growing stage where her forehead looked large and it has stuck ever since.



Ruby is a sweetheart. Loves pampering. She is a known for attempting to get out of the fence any chance she sees. Known for her beautiful mane and favors Ozzy and Nashville.



Dave is known as one of the top three nuisances on the farm (lovingly, of course). This is mostly due to his tendency to want to "help" by standing in the way when cleaning pens, chewing on rakes, and honking when he thinks dinner should be served. He also can be credited with Peachy's haircut - he chewed off a large section of her forelock (hair that usually hangs over horse's faces) this summer.

The baby of the family_


Betsy is a rescue horse. She is blind in one eye and slowly losing vision in the other. She was an Amish work horse and her history still lives with her - she once backed up to the decorative wooden wagons in the yard as if we were going to hitch her up. She is officially in retirement here and will live out the rest of her life on this farm.




Phil (brown) and Hades (black) are twin boy pygmy goats. Phil is the more go-with-the-flow goat while Hades is more of a protector. Phil enjoys interior design and is often seen moving all the object and play toys in the pen to his liking. He's also known for standing on the playsets and screaming at us if we are in the backyard to alert us that he is hungry. Hades is more chill and tends to behave himself.



Ocho is a the smaller black-faced sheep. She is fully deaf and leans on Nueve for support and guidance. She tends to be more shy and will stomp at you if she's mad. Nueve is the bigger black-faced sheep. He is more social and loves treats/



Sherman is the newest sheep to the farm, joining us in September 2023. We are still getting to know his personality and is still making bonds with the other animals.



Lee-Lee is known for being very friendly. She is the final animal to round out our top three nuisances on the farm - again, lovingly. She has been known for pulling on hoses, using shoulders as headrests when people are trying to work with other animals, and snorting grass out of her nose onto people as a greeting. Lee-Lee is very lovable and demands attention when she wants it. She was raised with horses and has been ridden like a horse before. She has a very goofy and good-mannered personality.

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